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  The Resolution of Arthritis and Joint Pain is Possible and Available Now

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Effective Pain Management is available now - without pain medication, surgery or the need for dangerous OTC drugs


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A Combination Approach of Micro Current Stimulation and Nutrition 


Science has substantiated the ingredients that promote active joints, youthful looking skin and healthy connective tissue with hydrolyzed collagen, chondroitin sulfate and hyaluronic acid.  The best combination would be when all three are derived from the same source offering low molecular weight for total absorption.


Unlike other ingredients like glucosamine, which is only a partial approach to complex joint conditions involving the deterioration of both cartilage and synovial fluid,  the above complex offers multi-layered, comprehensive support for healthy joints through a synergy among hydrolyzed collagen type II and low molecular weight (LMW)Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and chondroitin sulfate in a patented composition.  A combination approach would offer  uniquely differentiated properties which  provide broader, more complete and effective nutritional support. 

It is important to note that not all collagen is created equal. There are several collagen supplements available in the market that lack clinical evidence and that have a very different molecular makeup than the above noted complex source. Collagen in its native or unhydrolyzed form has a large molecular structure making it difficult for the body to absorb and utilize. Furthermore other collagen supplements do not have the synergistic benefit of naturally occurring HA and chondroitin sulfate like this Collagen does. This patented Collagen  complex undergoes a manufacturing process, which significantly reduces the molecular size to a specific range that allows for easy digestion, fast action, and effective results. This unique composition has been granted patent protection and has undergone human clinical trials proving its efficacy.   

Nutrition, Guidance and Neuropeptides

With the availability of the proper ingredients now in your body, stimulation of the central nervous system through a biofeedback loop using  biofeedback neuromodulation technology, wonderful healing stories are being discovered.  But the present medical system may negate or deny healing possibilities as they have up to now never included the brain in the healing process.  Their knowledge of Neuropeptides is somewhat limited because of this. 

Neuropeptides play a known partnership role in the body’s repair.. These neuroactive molecules coordinate, integrate, and regulate physiological processes in all organisms, throughout all phases of development. Acting as neurohormones, neuro-transmitters, and/or neuromodulators, they maintain physiological homeostasis and influence important behavioral patterns. Avazzia BEST technology has a known effect on the production of these neuropeptides. 




Neuropeptides (peptides occurring in the nervous system) are small, protein-like molecules that help neurons communicate with each other. Neuropeptides are a specific kind of complex peptide (short chain polypeptides)  containing up to 30 or 40 different amino acids and are found in the central and the peripheral nervous system that act by affecting neurotransmitters in the skin. Acting as messengers in  the body, these molecules perform specific functions and serve as an activation point for cellular function in skin. This process reduces inflammation, increases collagen and elastin, repairs damaged skin and aging skin (wrinkles), and also increases blood circulation. Neuropeptides are secreted from the brain and nerve cells when our skin is injured, and act on cell surface receptors to repair damage. As we grow older, our ability to produce neuropeptides weakens, causing wrinkles and pigmentation.

Avazzia Biofeedback Electro Stimulation Technology 

Avazzia devices stimulate the nervous system, just as TENS devices do, but that’s where the similarity ends. Avazzia technology works differently than most TENS devices, first by using microcurrent and second by targeting the C-fibers of the nervous system (most TENS devices work on the A- and B-fibers). C-fibers stimulate the production of neuropeptides and other regulatory peptides, which the body uses to heal itself.(1) 

Because Avazzia features biofeedback the microcurrent signal is constantly being adjusted to changes in tissue characteristics. Thus the body doesn’t “habituate” or “accommodate” the microcurrent signal. The device measures tissue response and adjusts the microcurrent signal. In surveys, users report that using Avazzia treatment lessens pain, improves sleep and dramatically increases users’ ability to return to daily activities. 


1. JD Levine, HL Fields and AI Basbaum Peptides and the primary afferent nociceptor Journal of Neuroscience, Vol. 13, 2273-2286, 1993.


I have had torn cartilage in my left knee since I was 19 years old. I am now 55. It's given me more or less problems over the years and I have always stayed fairly active, (I golf and ski) but I could never do anything that involved running.

After 1 treatment on Saturday, I ran and wlalked the 10K in one hundred and ten minutes

My knee doesn't hurt at all when as previously I would have been in extreme pain for days if I had done a tenth of that much running.

This is the most amazing thing I have ever experienced" 

- Jerry Pool, US -

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1500 people gathered in Irvine Ca. to hear about this amazing technology at the T. Harv Eker Extreme Health Seminar.  A dozen people were chosen at random, treated and marched back onto the stage.  This is their unedited testimonial

Brian Vankirk is a train engineer who suffered from chronic damage to his knees after falling 30 feet onto metal railway ties.  The medical solution was a knee replacement until he discovered this.

Is it possible to reverse the damage done by Rheumatoid Arthritis?  The following pictures confirm that "Yes" it is possible, even after years of damage.

RA 1

RA 2

RA 3

RA before and After